How far is it from KIA to African View Lodge?
The lodge is 34 km from Kilimanjaro International Airport or approx. a 40 min. drive depending on the time of the day and the traffic.
Do you offer airport transfers to the lodge?
Yes, we can pick you up at Kilimanjaro or Arusha Airport.
Can we book day trips at the lodge?
Yes, we offer various excursions. You can find our day trips here.
Can we book a safari with you?
Yes, we also offer safaris through our sister company Wilkinson Tours.
Is there WiFi available?

We offer WiFi at African View Lodge, which is limited to the use of WhatsApp or other social media and email. But there is no WiFi in the camps. We want our guests to relax and enjoy the beautiful surroundings and animals that visit our camps.

Can we pay with cash?
Yes you can but only with TZS, USD or EUR and the current exchange rate on the day of payment will be used for the conversion.
Can we pay with credit card?

Yes, at African View Lodge you can pay by credit card. Please note, that an aditional fee of 5% applies.

But unfortunately, you cannot pay by card in the camps.


Is it safe to walk around the lodge / village alone?

Yes, we have a walking map at African View Lodge which you can use to help get around. Alternatively, you can download the Tanzania map from Google Maps or to use offline.

Can we visit a church?
Yes you can but, please respect the culture and dress conservatively and don’t forget to take a little bit of cash for the church collection. Please be aware that the services are conducted in Swahili and can take at least one hour, often longer.
Can we visit a local bar?
Yes you can but, be very careful when drinking the local beer as it might contain contaminated ingredients which might not be good for your stomach. It is best to stick to bottled drinks. Do not take too much money or valuables with you.
Is it safe to walk around at night?
No, we do not recommend this.
Is the area a malaria zone?
Yes, there are mosquitoes all over Tanzania, especially in the rainy season, which can transmit malaria. Therefore, bring sufficient mosquito repellent and wear light, long shirts and trousers in the dusk.
Do we have to take malaria tablets?
This is a decision we cannot make on your behalf. Please consult your doctor.
Are there mosquito nets in the rooms/tents?

Yes, we do have mosquito nets on our beds at African View Lodge and in Tarangire and in Serengeti (north / south) but, not in Mkomazi as the tents themselves which are much smaller act like mosquito nets.

Are there snakes, scorpions or any dangerous insects in the camps?

You usually don't have to worry too much about snakes and scorpions, they are very shy and rarely seen. But be aware of Tse Tse flies in Tarangire National Park, they can be very unpleasant. Bright-coloured, long clothing protects against bites.

What clothing is best to wear?
Tanzanians are quite conservative so it is good to cover the shoulders and knees especially if one is walking around cities/towns/villages. We recommend light coloured (cream/beige/khaki/green) clothes for safaris.
Is it safe to drink the tap water?
No, it is not safe to drink the tap water. Please use the bottled water provided in the rooms.
Are the salads safe to eat?
Yes, they are safe to eat as we harvest the ingredients from our own vegetable garden and they are washed carefully with a mixture of vinegar and filtered water from our own borehole.
Is it ok to do a yoga session at the camps?
Yes, as long as it does not disturb the other guests and is conducted in an area considered safe by our camp staff.
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